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May 29, 2024
It’s that time again. Sit back, relax, and get to know Alcynoos, curator of instrumental hip-hop. This time we are heading back to France again to learn a little about his creations, his collaborations, and of course his culinary concoctions. For years, Alcynoos has released a steady stream of beats with unmistakable layers of jazz and synths. More recently, we find ourselves learning about his current works, which are voluminous at the moment. Slackline just released our review of Nineties, a return back to the classic sounds of the past. At the same time, Alcynoos is poised to drop another classic with Parental called Night Shift due for a full release in June of this year. There is much to hear and learn. So, let’s get started.

Slackline Radio: Where do we find Alcynoos today as you answer some questions?
Alcynoos: Currently chillin’ in my studio on a Sunday afternoon in Paris.

Slackline Radio: Tell us a little about yourself, growing up in France, your background, your personal side.
Alcynoos: Spent most of my childhood in Orléans (Jeanne d’Arc city) digging music especially Hip-Hop records but also head nodding while skateboarding and snowboarding on some heavy joints.

Slackline Radio: You have been creating sounds for over a decade. Who were your early influencers and what led you into the direction of your style of music today?
Alcynoos: Mainly influenced by US Hip-Hop producers (Pete Rock, Dilla, Premier, Nottz, 9th, Finesse and many more) but also rappers even if I did listen to a lot of French Rap as well, I also have been quite a lot influenced and inspired by the Orléans local scene artists such as Astronote, AAyhasis or Posti & Heady.

Slackline Radio: You have a past of working with so many other collaborators on your music. Tell our listeners a little about these partnerships, how they evolved, and what you may take away from the process.
Alcynoos: Indeed, music helped me to meet so many great musicians but also people and some of them are nowadays even in my closed friends circle. Regarding the musical collaboration process, it mainly depends on the location but it’s 100% to be able to meet in real and cook in the same room. I also did a lot of remote collab and it went well.

Slackline Radio: You just wrapped up a 3 year solo project on the EXPEDITion series No. 34 titled Nineties on Vinyl Digital. It has been described as “dedicated to the 90’s also known as the boom bap “Golden Era”‘. Tell us a little about the concept of this release, the process of creation of the tracks, and what it is like being amongst so many other greats on the EXPEDITion series.
Alcynoos: First of all, it’s defo a real pleasure to be able to join the 100EXPEDITion series. Shout out to my bro Andi who made it possible. What I can say is that I was supposed to release it around way ealier but, you know… ^^ it took me so much time to find the perfect tracks and mix balance and that was probably the main challenge I have been facing aside of being able to push the 90’s vibe without using vintage gear such as the legendary SP1200 or S950… Anyway I’m really glad it’s finally out and the feedback are for the moment quite good. 🙂

Slackline Radio: You also recently teamed up with Parental and Awon on Sublime. How did you impact the sound of that LP and what did you take away from that experience?
Alcynoos: What an amazing opportunity to have been able to work on this “Sublime” gem, much love to brothas Parental & Awon for the invitation. Glad we’ve been able to even meet up in Paris during Awon’s tour.

Slackline Radio: How does all of your releases to date influence your future sound? What can we expect from Alcynoos soon?
Alcynoos: I planned to release every album, LP and EP projects I’ve been working on during these last 4 years soon, the marathon releases just started. Just stay connected and I guess you won’t be disappointed. 😉

Slackline Radio: And, we can’t leave without asking, what will be on your plate for dinner or in your hand later this evening?
Alcynoos: Hehe good question, tonight it’s homemade chicken wok with rice and maybe an ice cream for dessert (as it is sunday, just a simple pleasure) 😉

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