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Various Artists – Low End Marauders (Legacy Echo)

Jun 26, 2024

Call it nostalgia. Call it respect. Call it anything but old, boring, or repetitive. This is a resurgence of the past, a remembrance for those days gone by but not forgotten. When artists like A Tribe Called Quest were first laying down their visionary hip hop, some of us were just crawling out of the womb. It doesn’t matter now. Take focus on what these gents did to lay the foundation of beats yet to come.

On Legacy Echo’s Low End Marauders, it is more than a mashup or mix up of what already worked for Quest. They have used their own roster to remake those masterpieces into their own viewpoint of quality low end beats. While the title and art work is a nod to the Quest’s 1993 release of Midnight Marauders, we find this pack of instrumental hip hop containing tips to most all of their releases. That’s good because there is so much to work with here.

  1. Ripes – All The Time 02:40
  2. Atoribeats – Whatchu Hearing 03:22
  3. Youl Briner – The Jazz 04:00
  4. Chilla Ninja – New York Streets 03:18
  5. Dooku – Tribe 03:33
  6. Dylan Sykes – Check It Out 02:53
  7. Kista – Lo Definition 02:22
  8. Jon Fu – Invasive Thoughts 02:30
  9. E20 Trio – The Questions 02:08
  10. Chilla Ninja – The Lowdown 02:58
  11. Ripes – OMG 03:18
  12. Dexplorist x DJ Lowteng – Ron is on da Bass 03:25
  13. Youl Briner – Hip 2 Da Game 03:53
  14. Chilla Ninja – Da Abstract 03:14
  15. Jon Fu – Raise Them Up 02:54
  16. E20 Trio – Cassette Tapes & 45’s 02:06
  17. AlienLoop – Flava 02:25
  18. DJ Madhandz – You Know The Style 02:24
  19. Das Albani – Together 03:01
  20. E20 Trio – Digging. Sampling, Vibing 02:05
  21. Chilla Ninja – I Don’t Play (Outro) 00:45

Listen here.

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