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Alif Tree – French Cuisine (Compost)

Jun 22, 2006

Nu-jazz seems like a catch-all description for anything that doesn’t fit into the standards like Coltrane, Davis, or Monk. Wiki thinks it is anything that infuses jazz with electronic music. If we follow Wiki’s wisdom, then we would have to include the likes of Cinematic Orchestra or Audio Lotion into this modern description. But, if it is going to be associated with jazz, then it has to have rhythm, complexity, and real instruments.

Alif Tree have released French Cuisine that includes all of these traits which open the mind to what jazz has become in the 21st century. Alif Tree is a true musician who brings his skills of the guitar, keyboards, percussion, and his own vocals to this release. Other vocalists are added to give French Cuisine a unique balance. Nina Simone guests on the first track, Deadly Species. It is an almost downtempo beginning to the album. It is followed by Anna Karina on Belle. Her vocals here are soft and seductive and the music has an almost orchestrated feel to it. Afterwards, Enough expands this collection to a more electronic sound and leaves the mind’s taste buds salivating, wishing for more. Thankfully, Alif Tree has served up a full course on French Cuisine. It is impressive and well recommended for all of those willing to expand their minds to the new world of jazz. You will be thankful to have this in your nu-jazz collection. It is sure that Compost Records was equally thankful to expand their library with French Cuisine.

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