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Mike Milosh

Jan 22, 2009

Let me introduce, Mike Milosh.  Milosh is a Canadian-based electronic musician who has recently released his third album entitled III on Plug Research here in the States and on !K7 across the pond.   Milosh produces a unique sound where he meshes his deep, moving vocals across the sonic waves of electronic down beats.  He also throws his creative passion behind the camera and is not shy about discussing his work on his blogs.  Mike took the time to answer a few questions and tell us a little about himself.

Slackline Radio: Tell us a little about your recent life and what has been keeping you busy.
Milosh: This that keep me busy… Been shooting a lot of random photography, working at trying to put a gallery show together.  (www.miloshphotography.blogspot.com) I am working on a 5 song ep that I have been posting weekly blogs about (www.miloshmakingmusic.blogspot.com) and basically just living amongst the time that I am not recording.

Slackline Radio: You have just released your third album entitled III with quite interesting cover art.  What, if anything, is the story behind the visual work that accompanies your new set of sounds?
Milosh: Ryan Obermeyer, a good friend of mine, did the art work.  We talked a lot about what the album meant to me, what I was feeling while recording in Thailand, he then listened to the record over and over and came up with the visuals.  I am really excited about it, I love what he did, I love his interpretation of the music.

Slackline Radio: How do you feel about your partnership with your European label !K7 and the relationship with your label mates?  It seems it has lead to some interesting reworks of your music.
Milosh: I like k7 a lot, I have liked the label for a long time so I was pretty happy when they expressed interest in putting this record out.  They have been great to deal with and I think they are a great bunch of people in general.  I love Plug Research as well, they have the record for the U.S.

Slackline Radio: Do you have a New Year’s Resolution?
MiloshMake better music, keep trying and shoot some visually compelling stuff.

Slackline RadioFrom the looks of it, you have a strong passion for photography as well as music.  Tell us a little how your photography.  How may it influence your musical work, and vice versa.
Milosh: Well what I love about photography is the immediacy of it.  It’s such a change from music, keeps me creative, keeps me from going nuts in the times between making songs.  I love the interaction with people as well.  It just tickles another part of me that I love.  There is a connection with music and photography but I think it’s in how the approaches are actually very different.   One gives you ideas of how to approach the other.

Slackline Radio: Are you feeling the effects of a Canadian winter?  Do you feel you are more creative during the cold season?
MiloshWow, the Canadian winter is long and hard, if you don’t have a creative outlet you would go crazy!  It def inspires, it forces you indoors, forces you to come up with things as a sheer escape from the boredom that can set in otherwise.  It defines me for sure.  I am fairly creative though all the time, just the winter brings out different colors or a different feeling in your work.

Slackline Radio: What may be your favorite item on your plate and in your glass for dinner tonight?
MiloshFood?  Hmmm, steak, red wine or creemore.  Winter, comfort food.

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