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Blackfish – Remember 1997-2001 (Blackfish)

Aug 31, 2008

It is somewhat pleasing to find that missing piece of jewelry or maybe even just your keys after searching for hours or sometimes even days. It can make you feel at peace knowing that you have your life back in order or just returning a feeling of balance. A similar feeling must return to artists that pull old tracks from the vault of their unreleased material. Releasing previously unheard tracks is a means to share some private jems lost in the maze of studio work. For Blackfish’s Remember EP, it is clearly a case of sharing some creative moments in the production of good electronic music.

This EP is comprised of seven terrific songs dominated by characteristic deep grooves, indicative of the Blackfish sound with low bpm, beat driven melodies. The first few like “State of Time”, “Dive”, and “Apart From” work in noise experimentation and trend to a more slightly (maybe) industrial feel. Never abrasive, the sounds are inventive and exploratory. “Pacific Harbour” and “Delta” incorporate true instruments like the piano and carry a more chilled out atmosphere. They provide a nice balance in the variety of moods on Remember. “Emerison” rings a familiar tone of Human Patterns from another one of their neighboring German acts, Beanfield. Smooth, solid, sharp.

It’s hard to believe these tracks did not end up on a previous release considering their overall quality. The works presented here are a demonstration of their breadth in their sound, and it is nice to hear Blackfish’s catalog continues to expand. Keep digging through the vault. Hopefully, there are other interesting works waiting to be discovered.

Track Listing:
1) State of Time
2) Dive
3) Pacific Harbour
4) Apart From
5) Delta
6) Emerison
7) Unexpected

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