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Jon Kennedy – 14 (Organik Recordings)

Sep 4, 2009

With the invention of the wheel came progress, followed by man’s desire to apply it to all kinds of mundane things, like the Ferris wheel. Don’t get me wrong, Ferris wheels can be fun for some, like kids. But, they have no reasoning for being on it, no measure of any real achievement. Other advancements of man can be felt, tasted, heard, and definitely realized. It comes with the mastery of an instrument when its pushed to its full potential that its contribution to man’s evolution is understood. For musicians like Jon Kennedy, they show us that we are all better off from a good baseline born from the wisdom of 15 years behind the drum kit. It’s this understanding that makes his beats “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

When Kennedy released the 2002 We’re Just Waiting Here for You Now, it was clear that he had an innate ability at crafting beats that were in time. You could also sense something raw in the works on this release which set it apart from others of the day. The beats carried a personal stamp and that’s when you realized it was the human element that was making it so good. It was his workmanship behind the snare, toms, and base that brought it alive. Kennedy’s moved on from those days and released Take My Drum to England and Useless Wooden Toys but he has never strayed too far. Now with the release of 14 on Organik Recordings this year, Kennedy still continues to show off his skills with a polished production. You won’t find a fancy title here because it doesn’t need it. Just 14 tracks that let the music speak for itself. Fortunately, his music will speak to the masses as we find him traveling in a four piece, showing off the goods. On 14, you find heavy hypnotics, dreamy aural waves, and the kind of soulful shakes that make you feel good to have moved on from primordial soup. Thanks to Kennedy, we can all feel grateful for the advancements of mankind from the drum.

Maybe it is the sense of freedom on the Ferris wheel where kids choose their own seat to ride on that is a measure of advancement. Or, is it that simplicity in life that brings a smile to their face that is a real measure of success. Even an adult can appreciate riding in circles on a Ferris wheel and the fantastic rhythms of Kennedy’s 14. One thing is for sure, you won’t find yourself trying to get off his ride anytime soon.

Track Listing
1) I Feel The Weight
2) Spellbound feat. Amie J Corridan
3) Style
4) Tug Boat
5) Flux
6) Live Test
7) Kick Like That feat. Pat Fulgoni
8) Space O Matic feat. Hash Ultra
9) Lovesick feat. Bernice MacDonald
10) Sit Tight feat. Sarah Scott
11) Rain Rain Rain
12) You’re My Millions
13) I’m A B-Boy Snakebite Chaser
14) Demons feat. Aisling Kelly

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