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Gotan Project – Lunatico (Ya Basta)

Apr 26, 2006

Every so often a new sound comes along that excites the imagination; a sound capable of transporting the soul to a different time, a different place. The Gotan Project came upon the scene with the La Revancha del Tango release which carried one to the local sounds of Argentina. This release crossed the boundary of traditional tango music of the region by blending the accordion sounds of the Bandoneon with electronic dance beats. It is a sound that words can do no justice. It was instantly infectious and tracks like Chunga’s Revenge and Triptico became classics and haven’t left many playlists since. Gotan have repeated success with their most recent release, Lunatico. Again, they experiment with their original sounds but it seems this time they desire the world to become more familiar with the real tango roots of Buenos Aires. They highlight several different guest vocalists to fill the mind and back it up with elegantly written music. Notas is a brillant track that begs one to move the table to create room to get down. Others like Diferente invite the mind to become overwhelmed with wanderlust. I knew immediately it was going to be a gem even before I played the first track when I read their liner notes that reveal their appreciation for the likes of Kruder & Dorfmeister. Well done Gotan.

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