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Mindtrap – Northern Rooms (Elektrikal)

Nov 22, 2006

It’s amazing how a mood can shape your perception. In one moment, your energy level may be influenced by the day’s events. Blood may be pressing strongly against the insides of arteries and veins, making you incapable of relaxation. However, if you find your muscles and mind ready, you can open up pathways to appreciation that may have been previously lost. Mindtrap have released Northern Rooms and it is prepared for your mood in a state of chillout in a world of ambient.

Mindtrap is the work of Jan Elhøj, Steen Grøntved and Troels Dalgård from Scandinavia. This album was created over 3 years which is astounding considering the general consistency in the whole production. It flows from track to track with nice sounds from a Wurlizter, Moog, guitars, and other subtle synths. From the beginning, your relaxation is intensified with the music from this trio. The tempo is subtle, carrying an ambient feeling but steps into a solid rhythm that quickly departs this genre. “Before Dawn” is groove-able in many senses, but chilled-out enough to practice your mental relaxation skills. “Late at Night” adds a funky mix to the whole collection as a keyboard selection stands front and center. Later, an exceptional rhythm in a slow progression is found in “For You.” Northern Rooms departs with sort of a departure as “Spumante” ends the collection that enters into a realm of downtempo.

Nevertheless, the amazing relaxed sound of Mindtrap is defined on Northern Rooms and is destined to never leave your conscious. Be sure to bring your relaxed personality to this musical event, and be sure to leave behind your previous conceptions of chilled-out ambient.

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