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Natse – Beats Archives Vol​.​II

Jun 15, 2022

Don’t fill your life with meaningless stuff, they say. It’s the memories and experiences which are more rich and fulfilling. Research shows experiential purchases bring more satisfaction than material ones. So, it begs the question, is spending money on music less rewarding like another purchase of shoes? I would be willing to argue that music can create the experience, and it is that experience which can make you feel whole. Each record you put to your ears can bring a sense of adventure or a desire to venture into the unknown, just like a well deserved beach vacay. Natse’s archives of past beats are a case in point.

This mental purchase begins with an understanding of its source. Natse is from France and his beats are worldly. On his latest release he delivers an archive of beats making you believe these are not first picks. In reality, this is what the doctor ordered in your last office visit to help reduce your stress level, realign your priorities, and return some peace to your mind.

On Beats Archives, Natse at times presents an escape to the islands of Japan with incorporation of wind and string instruments. Other tracks like “Soul” transport you to the back alleys of Bourbon Street in New Orleans with elements of jazz horns and subtle, sultry vocals. Even though the title hides it, there is unexplainable connection to Paris in his lovely, “Polar”.  Must be those keys. Then, there is “Dha” with that east asian flavor and deep tones that spark your wanderlust. I am already thinking of following the doctor’s orders and planning a vacation with this soundtrack.

Track Listing:

1. Retransmission 01:02
2. Soul 02:45
3. Roof Night 01:52
4. Haunted Keys 02:28
5. Phantom 02:09
6. Fofo (ft. Nood) 03:54
7. Sen 03:10
8. 85W 01:42
9. Dha (ft. dublabex) 03:18
10. Song 6 (ft. H4N) 02:25
11. Interlude One 00:49
12. In Love 01:39
13. Sour 02:16
14. Forbidden Hike 01:38
15. Polar 02:22
16. Headlights Reflections 02:17
17. Song 3 (ft. H4N) 03:05
18. No Files (ft. Bear Leboswki) 01:12
19. Interlude Two 01:20
20. Riot 02:25
21. Got The Message 02:04
22. B 11-8 (ft. dublabex) 02:10
23. Porte 4F (ft. dublabex) 02:39
24. Ghost Kids 02:23
25. The Road 02:20
26. Fog 02:08
27. Follow The River 02:51

Listen here.

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