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Ohmonstre – Freeware 01 (lo-factory)

Jan 27, 2022

It is a new day for Slackline Radio as we wake back up after nearly a 10 year hiatus. And as we stretch out our arms, the sun is getting higher with each passing day here in Alaska. Seriously, we are gaining like 5 minutes a day. It proves to be a time of renewed energy for the days ahead. Fitting that we deliver our first review with so much optimism in the air. Here at Slackline, we have always been about the downbeat. As Comfort Fit used to say, it’s “modern mind music.” We hold this same mantra, searching for creativity in the wildest beat collections around the world that are guaranteed to increase your IQ. Fortunately for us, today’s drumbeat machine is accessible to many in their bedrooms far and wide. Now, I don’t know if Ohmonstre created this selection under the sheets in his French villa. But, I would be willing to bet it was conceived over a glass of Bourdeaux, a morning crepe, or maybe some escargot? There is a nod to the past within these tracks. Heck, most beats that sample have some connection to old classics. But, within Freeware there is something buried in the sound that expands your pallet. Is it the fun jam of ishigaki that transports you to this island nation’s sound? Or the sn’k that provides such a killer party break? Ohmonstre spells it out. “10 mellow laid-back rhythms for your tape deck by french beathead ohmonstre. wonderful night dream atmosphere, accompany you during your walk or daily routine. listen with pleasure.” I certainly have. Freeware 01 has a level of thought that sometimes is not found on other beat tapes. It bounces, grows, and morphs in such a way that leaves me scratching my head. Why is it so difficult to find his other releases? Maybe this is just the beginning of his musical exploration. One can only hope.

Track Listing:

1. undrgrnd jazz 01:34
2. ishigaki 02:09
3. yorushima 02:21
4. sn’k 02:10
5. spinnin’ interlude 00:52
6. hardtimes 02:41
7. king braco 02:14
8. layback 02:31
9. june 02:25
10. racer 6 03:00

Listen at Bandcamp.

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