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Soii – Fragments (Not on Label)

Mar 29, 2023

After more than 20 years of living in Alaska, I still haven’t done it. Mainly ’cause I can think of better ways to pass the time than spending hours squatting and spinning dirt in a pan. But, for many who travel to Alaska it is a right of passage. I get it. Everybody likes to get lucky. Once in awhile, someone is bound to pull out that nugget in their pan, right? To each their own. Sometimes digging electronic crates feels not too different. Run past hundreds of releases, spinning samples of tracks, wishing for something more to be found in the dirt. But, I know too at some point I am going to find some of my own treasure. Fortunately, I know where to look to increase my chances. And thankfully for you, we get to share in the bounty of quality beats!

At the end of 2022, Soii released Fragments, a follow up to the wide re-release of Rugged Fidelity on Kick a Dope Verse!. Rugged Fidelity is the prequel to the more hard hitting, boombastic sounds on Fragments. This new release from the Aussie also comes on the heels of Combination Therapy, a seven track collection showing off the wider range of of his productions. The cover art on Fragments makes the connection to his head space when he put the latest together. According to Soii, “All tracks were completed during summer 2021 and were heavily influenced by days at the beach and in the sun.”  Look more closely at the liner notes and you realize that all his releases on Bandcamp are graced with new cover art from El Jazzy Chavo. Now, I’d love to hear the back story how a producer from Australia managed to connect with his musical compatriot from Athens, Greece. (see our interview with Soii to find the backstory!) Must be a mutual appreciation of the style in which they create. If it is good enough for the Chavo, you know we should be paying attention here.

Like always, let me show you the secret spots where you can find the gold on this release. That’s easy to do here because we have hit the jackpot with plenty of pay dirt on Fragments. Sea Snakes, Man Listen, and Underwater are quality enough to convince you to buy this record on its own. But, Ain’t Nothing Better stands out as truth. It’s the mindset of that perfect creation of layering and quality sampling with your toes in the sand.

Track Listing:

  1. Fragments
  2. El Mar
  3. Shipwrecked
  4. Sea Snakes
  5. Man Listen
  6. Think About My Soul
  7. Waves
  8. The Boombox
  9. Ruff N Rugged
  10. Ain’t Nothing Better
  11. Underwater
  12. I Ain’t Changed
  13. Don’t Test Me
  14. Outta The Frame
  15. Dusty Loops
  16. Didn’t You Know

Listen here.

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