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2023 in Review

Jan 15, 2024

“Don’t get over the tips of your skis.”

“Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.”

These are very good reminders to not call out the best of the best in 2023 until the year is actually finished because you just may not know what you are going to get until it is truly all over. Or, it is just good practice to chew on things for a bit to gain a perspective of what has been on the plate.

In our opinion, 2023 was a banner year filled with incredible releases that we have been happy to share with you here at Slackline. Some of these releases ended up in our reviews section for the year, showcasing more about the release and the creators behind the sound. Others may not have been spoken about but were quickly added up in the radio queue to hit your auditory pleasure spot. So if you missed any of them, now is the time to take notice and give them just a little more of your attention, if you are so inclined.


    1. Parental & Figub Brazlevič – Correspondence: Released in February, this one quickly hit our review list. These two put their collective force together to create something freaking magical. What is best about this release is you get it all where their individuality clearly shines bright and their collective wisdom creates a uniqueness of its own.
    2. Kuartz – Seikan: Also released in February, Seikan is a mastery of lo-fi synths with hints of hip-hop and other beautiful electronic media spread across each track. This was just too good to pass up and we also released a written review because it is just so worthy.
    3. Planet Ragtime – Back to the Junkyard: Boy, I am starting to realize how good February was with this other stellar release from the mind of the Russian hip hop artist Planet Ragtime. This hard hitting release is party material that will have you seeking out more of what PR has to offer. With so many classics on this release it is hard to know what to say and where to start.
    4. El Jazzy Chavo – EXPEDITion 100 Vol​.​28: A Signal from the Dark Side: One month later, the Chavo gives us another one of his timeless creations. It is another installment on the Expedition beat series not to be missed. The dark, sometimes melancholic, sometimes “gloomy” (according to Vinyl Digital) sounds on this are epic.
    5. Fila Brazillia – Retrospective Redux 90 – 22: This one is so nostalgic to Slackline Radio. This compilation of the greatest from this duo released in June reflects the roots of Slackline. When the program was conceived in the early 2000’s it was simply to spread the love of greats like Fila Brazillia. These tracks signify the sound of our program then as much as it does today. You will find the majority of these already in rotation at SR for the last twenty years. Need I say more to convince you?
    6. Pitch 92 – Deep Cuts: In October, Pitch 92 released Deep Cuts on the heel of Delicacies. We published a review of Delicacies on Slackline because it is something special. The soundscapes of Deep Cuts capture many genres from funk to hip hop to soul that reflect his past but really show what his personal sound is all about.
    7. KLIM Beats – Jazz Mince: As I promised, I wanted to get the word out on KLIM’s great addition to this Beat Jazz International series. Released in November, KLIM adds his funky jazz style of beats amongst many other great artists on this series like Philanthrope, Alcynoos & Parental, and Brous One. He does a great job of resurrecting some classic jazz sounds across the background of his style of instrumental hip-hop.
    8. C Y G N – Cosmogony: This French artist rarely disappoints. His style of hip hip infuses soulful rhythms layered with emotional synths. Also released in November, Cosmogony returns us to the sounds of the stellar Quadrophonic and is a beautiful ending to the year.

Be on the lookout. A mix with gems from these releases is upcoming later in the month.

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